Sunday, December 21, 2014

Social Media Blog Buttons

Hello All!

I've always loved the simple look of the different colored blog buttons, and I just thought it would be something I'd have to shell out some cash for.  Turns out they're free :)  I explored the interwebs and ran across this blog:
Here was where I found my adorably cute social media buttons for free :) She provides so many different colors for you to choose from, even glitter!  I love the addition they make to my blog, and you can get them too!  Her blog can also help you out with other blogging tricks, so check it out! :) (You can find the blogging buttons under "Techie Tips" --> "Social Media Icons")

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! I stumbled on your blog from Becky Higgins' blog and her Project Life Inspiration post; love your La Jolla Cove layout! I saw this Social Media post and immediately tried it out. It worked like a charm! I love to pay it forward and used your post as inspiration to "shout out" to Carrie's blog and tutorial from my blog. I love friends helping friends! :) Thank you, Kari